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What we all saw coming in the O's-Yankees finale

It was unanimous in the Yankee Stadium press box: Edwar Ramirez’s “wild pitch” thrown at Kevin Millar’s head Wednesday was intentional. The media knew it, Ramirez knew it, and the home plate umpire Mark Wegner knew it. That’s why he did not hesitate to throw Ramirez out of the game. Wegner ejected the pitcher without issuing any type of warning. It was that obvious.

A sighting on the subway before a game in New York

A pretty cool part of my gig at MASN is traveling to different cities with the Orioles. During the day, a lot of the players and staff take advantage of having days off and will walk around the city before heading to the park. In New York we stay right next to Grand Central Station, smack dab in the middle of Manhattan. Today I

Win or lose, this year's O's continue to battle and play with hustle

Remember this time last year how frustrating it was to watch the Orioles play? Ground balls weren’t run out. If they were trailing after the 6th inning, they almost always lost. Late inning rallies were something that happened on other ballclubs---not the Orioles. Even though the Orioles have lost 13 out of their last 17 games; that’s not the case this year. The Orioles

Call it cliché, but the '83 O's had exceptional chemistry

The 1983 World Series Championship celebration last night was nicely done. I sat in a pre-game press conference with several members of the team including players I haven’t seen or thought of since the 80’s, such as Dan Ford and Jim Dwyer. Seeing those guys really brought back memories of how into the Orioles we [kids] were back then. Eddie Murray was like a

If only they'd thought of it sooner...

A funny story from Saturday’s extra-inning win over the Tigers. As we all saw, Luke Scott hit the walk-off homer. As he approached home plate, he bowled his helmet toward his awaiting teammates. Well, the next day, Dennis Sarfate was very upset that he failed to think of this before the homer: The rest of the team should have acted like bowling pins and

Jones plays tough through injuries and never forgets his manners

Adam Jones is playing banged up. His ankle is sore after rolling it while running the bases on Friday, and his tailbone is sore from slamming into the centerfield wall yesterday; but he’s still playing at the same level he did when he wasn’t hurt. Jones is pretty tough. I really like this kid. His makeup is amazing, not only physically, but mentally as

O's working through tough losses

Needless to say, the Orioles were eager to get out of Toronto last night, and it wasn’t because the players were sick of doing the math it takes to convert American dollars to Canadian dollars. The buses leaving the Rogers Centre’s loading docks filled up pretty shortly after the game. Everybody wanted out---quick. The only thing tougher than being swept by the worst team

Situation doesn't look good for young southpaw Adam Loewen

Your heart has to go out to Orioles southpaw Adam Loewen. The 24-year-old could be facing a career-ending injury. Tests done on his surgically repaired elbow are not good. He has reinjured the stress fracture in his throwing elbow that caused him to miss most of last season and almost all of this season. Loewen spent some time letting reality set in after the

Recent losses, injuries don't overshadow winning June for O's

The Orioles say goodbye to one of their most successful Junes in the past 15 years on a down note. For the 2nd day in a row the ever so dominant closer George Sherrill paid for making a bad pitch, and the Orioles lost a heartbreaker 6-5 to the Royals. It’s too bad because Sherrill has been the most reliable pitcher out of the

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