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Thirteen Pitchers is the Way to Go

There has been a lot of speculation, but no official confirmation just yet on whether Dave Trembley will keep twelve or thirteen pitchers on the roster. It’s believed the club is leaning toward keeping thirteen because of the uncertainty of the starting rotation. The Orioles might need some extra arms if the only thing the starters do consistently in April is exit in the

Getting to Know Ty Wigginton

I’ve enjoyed watching and talking to Ty Wigginton this spring. He’s one of those players fans are really going to attach themselves to here in Baltimore. Obviously his versatility is why the O’s signed the veteran to a two year deal this offseason. Having a right handed power hitter in the lineup will be valuable, especially against left-handed pitchers. Since he plays first, second,

Guthrie Timeline and Facts

Following up some readers questions concerning Jeremy Guthrie... Yes, Jeremy Guthrie is in the Orioles future plans as far as I know; although I’ve never asked Andy MacPhail that question directly. It’s safe to assume there’s no sane reason for the Orioles not to have him in their plans. The Orioles do have a lot of young arms coming up from the minors in

Guthrie an Issue? Seriously?

Jeremy Guthrie has been making headlines and message boards lately as if he was the chairman of AIG. Here’s a newsflash: Guthrie should be the least of anybody’s concerns right now. For people like myself who don’t feel normal unless they’re over-analyzing something with the Orioles, I can give you a handful of better things to be worried about this season than Guthrie---like who’s

Method to MacPhail's Madness

In my last blog I said the Orioles’ defensive upgrades would pay dividends in the future. Let’s clarify. The rotation this year is a huge question mark. A strong defensive team is only going to help. That being said, the point of the blog was to emphasize the word “future” - as in late 2009 and beyond. The readers who pointed out that Andy

Orioles "D" Good Investment

The Orioles took their first steps toward having a great pitching staff last year. Before the men in white coats come to take me away to the insane asylum, allow me to prove I’m not crazy. I’m aware of the Orioles staff ERA in 2008, and I’m also aware that the O’s led the league in walks and hit batsmen in 2008. That being

Trembley on Bergesen

I sat down with Dave Trembley for just a few minutes in his Ft. Lauderdale office and the topic I was most eager to discuss was Brad Bergesen. From the minute I arrived at Spring Training, there had been a lot of buzz and speculation around the 23-year-old righty. I wanted to see where the skipper stood on the young prospect, so I asked

Wieters Walks the Line

Rookies are given two pieces of advice upon arrival in the Big Leagues. Do your job, and shut up. Throughout history those two simple instructions have kept many rookies from being ‘put in their place’ by clubhouse veterans. Orioles 2007 first round draft pick Matt Wieters understands the unwritten rules of first-year players, but following them is easier said than done. Even though Wieters

Jones Standing Tall in 2009

Adam Jones has cut the self proclaimed fro-hawk he sported this offseason, but the 23-year-old doesn’t want to shed something else he developed over the winter; about 20 pounds of muscle and two inches, height wise, on the old growth chart. Jones moved to Arizona and began training at Athlete’s Performance Institute in Tempe last winter. It’s the same high rent athletic performance facility

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