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Bats slowing a bit but Markakis isn't

After the O’s final game of a nine-game homestand, Amber Theoharis stood outside the Birds’ locker room to discuss the reason behind the Birds’ recent struggles. While the Orioles’ bats started the season on fire, Amber talked with Dan Kolko about the lack of clutch hitting of late. On a more positive note, Amber also discusses how Nick Markakis has become one of the

Left field Logjam?

Could the Orioles be headed toward a logjam in left field? It’s looking that way. Felix Pie is clearly still developing, but it seems he’s doing it in the major leagues whereas his future competition is developing in the minors. It’s no secret, Norfolk outfielder Nolan Reimold is putting up impressive offensive numbers. The 25-year-old was named International League Player of the Week last

Mora Missing Out

Melvin Mora is eligible to come off the 15-day disabled list this Tuesday April 28th. He said he’s feeling better and is continuing to get treatment on his tight hamstring but doesn’t want to rush back if he’s not one hundred percent. Mora’s hamstring has been a nagging injury in the past and he wants to nip it in the bud. The tough part

Bergesen proves pace matters

It’s amazing how the Orioles offense heats up again when they have a pitcher on the mound who works fast, gets quick outs and gets his defense back in the dugout. Last night Brad Bergesen set the tone with his fast pace in the first three innings. The result was a 2-hour 41 minute game. A fast pace game was key after a one-hour

Orioles Need Quick Outs

The Orioles are taking too long to get off the field when on defense. Today in Boston Dave Trembley spoke about the value of quick outs. It’s a big reason why the Orioles pitchers are struggling to go deep in games. With two outs, the Orioles arms can’t seem to close the deal and get the defenders behind them back in the dugout to

Monday's starter in Boston?

Update: Dave Trembley said today before the game that he’s leaning toward starting Hendrickson Monday in Fenway. With the day off Thursday he’ll be on his normal turn. Trembley did add that the decision will depend on how Hendrickson does in Texas tonight. If Hendrickson starts Monday, that will leave an open spot for Tuesday’s start. Trembley confirmed he wants to keep Liz in

History of the 'K'

During game one of the series against the Rangers, Orioles fans emailed questions to MASN that were answered on air. One viewer had a great question: Why is a strikeout symbolized by the letter “K” in box scores? For those who didn’t hear the answer on air, it’s a great little baseball history lesson. It was invented by Henry Chadwick, an English born sportswriter

Jones adjusts to batting second

Adam Jones is making the adjustment to batting in the two hole this year. Coming up in the minor leagues he was always a number three hitter; then last year with the Orioles he frequented the seventh and eighth spots in the lineup. There’s a lot more Jones has to consider if he’s going to bat second. One person he has to be very

Uehara and Zaun need few words

It’s the third inning and Gregg Zaun has only visited the mound to speak with Koji Uehara once. If you’re wondering how they communicate with the language barrier, Zaun told me it’s not as hard as everyone thinks. First of all, Zaun made it clear; Uehara is a control pitcher, and more times than not, he puts the ball where Zaun wants it. There’s

Touching on a few topics

With the O’s 2009 season just underway, Amber Theoharis checks in from Camden Yards to discuss some hot topics surrounding the Birds. Amber touches on one of the more intriguing storylines coming out of Spring Training -- outfielder Felix Pie and where he will fit in Dave Trembley’s plans, as well as the new attitude around the O’s locker room and the strength of

Jones poised for breakout season

Watch Adam Jones early on this season. He looks really good at the plate. His maturation as a hitter from last season to this season is clear. The young centerfielder could be very exciting to watch in 2009. Jones says the biggest difference is he’s using his eyes and hands more to drive the ball, rather than being pull happy. Hitting Coach Terry Crowley

Twelve Pitchers Works for Some

I know there are some veterans in the bullpen who support Andy MacPhail and Dave Trembley’s decision to go with twelve pitchers. Yesterday I met with some of the players who felt strongly about the issue, but didn’t want to voice their opinions publically before a decision was made. The feeling was there was no need for thirteen pitchers early on, and usually if

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