Monday’s starter in Boston?

Update: Dave Trembley said today before the game that he’s leaning toward starting Hendrickson Monday in Fenway. With the day off Thursday he’ll be on his normal turn. Trembley did add that the decision will depend on how Hendrickson does in Texas tonight.

If Hendrickson starts Monday, that will leave an open spot for Tuesday’s start. Trembley confirmed he wants to keep Liz in the bullpen, and that Brad Bergesen is one of the canididates to get the nod along with Chris Waters. Those, however, might not be the only two candidates. Trembley kept any further information close to the vest.

It’s time to look into the crystal ball.

MLB rules require the Orioles to put a warm body on the mound this Monday in Fenway. Here’s my guess, and this comes with zero inside knowledge of the situation.

Assuming Alfredo Simon goes on the disabled list today or tomorrow, along with Melvin Mora (officially). The Orioles will call up Matt Albers and Rhadames Liz to get some fresh arms in a bullpen that’s already a little taxed by tax day---isn’t that ironic?

Once the team gets through the weekend, I’m guessing one of two things could happen: Liz will get the start Monday against the Red Sox, which I’d be surprised to see considering the fact that the Orioles made a concerted effort to move Liz to the bullpen to keep his mechanics in tact back in spring training.

The other scenario is...

The club will put Brian Bass on waivers, which he’ll clear, and he’ll be designated for assignment, making room for....


Drum roll please...

Chris Waters, who will be called up to make the start Monday in game 4 of the series with the Red Sox. The only reason I see this happening is that Waters is already on the 40-man roster.

The reason I don’t see this happening is that Waters hasn’t been doing well in AAA Norfolk. Here’s his last line 3.1IP 6H 4R 4ER 3BB 1K 1HR.

There is another possibility here. With the day off tomorrow in Boston, Trembley could pitch Mark Hendrickson on Monday, and then have the new pitcher (whoever that is) pitch Tuesday at home against the WhiteSox. That might make more sense; you don’t want to call a guy up and put him on the mound in Fenway in his first start up here.

I know everybody wants to see Brad Bergeson pitch but I don’t see Andy MacPhail pulling that card just yet---not this early in the season.

But I’m just guessing.