In DC O’s Need RBIs

Let’s all revert back to our Sesame Street days and hope the Orioles series against the Nationals this weekend is brought to us by the letters R, B and I.

It’s an acronym that hasn’t showed up on the O’s scorecard a whole lot lately.

After the Birds endured a stretch early this week in which the lineup mustered up just six hits in two games, the Orioles bats finally came to life the last two games at Yankee stadium. On Wednesday and Thursday the Orioles posted back-to-back double digit hit games. That’s a good sign.

The Orioles still lost both games despite out-hitting the Yankees. That’s a bad sign.

The hits aren’t translating into runs. The O’s have are getting runners on base, but not many are making it home. Of the 22 hits the Orioles have gotten the past two days, only eight runs have scored.

And of those eight runs, four came from solo shot home runs. The Birds simply aren’t hitting with runners in scoring position.

Early in the season, knocking in runs is something the Orioles proved they were capable of, especially the top of the order. Lately, however, the run production has been scarce.

The Nationals might not be a winning team, but with Ryan Zimmerman, Christian Guzman and Nick Johnson in the lineup, they can hit. The O’s will need to match the offensive production if they’re going to find their way back into the win column after four straight losses.