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Wieters Influences

Matt Wieters grew up in South Carolina where Atlanta Braves games were broadcast on television. He told me he was already switch hitting when Chipper Jones became popular with Atlanta in the mid 90’s, but watching Jones inspired him to focus on becoming good at hitting from both sides of the plate. Jones wasn’t Wieters’ only influence. The rookie told me a while ago

Mora Moves Down in Lineup

Melvin Mora told me he doesn’t care where he hits in the lineup, but obviously he doesn’t feel he belongs in the seventh spot. He said he’s always hit second or third in his career and we’ve seen the type of career he’s had as a hitter. As Dave Trembley said last month, Mora is a guy who had made a living hitting with

Random Nuggets

Thursday night I interviewed Aubrey Huff live on MASN’s O’s Xtra post game show. He had just driven in the game winning run against the Mets for the series win. Aubrey insisted I stand with my back to the Orioles dugout rather than him. Considering the fact that post game shaving crème pies in the face have been served up five times this year,

Where's Wiggy?

Ty Wigginton was not in the lineup Tuesday despite going 3-for-4 with two homers and three RBI’s on Sunday (O’s had Monday off). Many in the media thought that was odd. Apparently so did Wigginton, but he clearly didn’t have any intentions of becoming vocal about his displeasure. He looked cautious as he professionally answered questions when he was cornered by reporters before the

O's RISP Not Scoring

How frustrating was it to see the Orioles leave the bases loaded in the first inning of Friday’s game against the Braves? With a rookie pitcher on the mound (Tommy Hanson), and the bags juiced that early in the game, the O’s have got to attack. It was a huge missed opportunity, and reminiscent of the night before against the Mariners. In the first

Jinx or Not, Sherrill on a Roll

Baseball players just might be the most superstitious of all professional athletes. That was very apparent Tuesday night when George Sherrill was joking around with a reporter from MLB.com after the game. The closer referred back to an interview he had earlier that day with the writer. In that interview, the reporter pointed out the fact that Sherrill had not given up an earned

Who's Lighting the Fire?

The Birds return to The Yard Tuesday after going 1-5 on the recent road trip. There are low points in every season, but this one feels particularly painful for the Orioles, perhaps because it followed such a high the week before. The team was unable to get anything going against the Athletics, and I’m not convinced Oakland is that good of a team despite

No "O" for Orioles

The Orioles aren’t going to get back in the win column until the offense starts scoring runs again. It’s been very surprising just how cold the bats have gone lately. Through Friday’s game against the Oakland A’s, the Orioles have scored just six runs in five games. That’s hard to swallow when you consider the talent the lineup is stacked with. Dave Trembley was

Luke vs. Lefties

The Orioles are in the middle of a stretch in which they face four consecutive lefties. It’s an odd occurrence for one team to see that many southpaws in one week, but it’s the luck of the draw. Normally Dave Trembley would be inclined to sit Luke Scott versus left handed pitching, but he can’t afford to sit his hottest bat four days in

Jones Over Trade

Adam Jones doesn’t the sweat the Mariners anymore. He used to, just a bit, but not anymore. Posting the sixth best batting average in the American League is a good way to show he’s moved on, and is quite happy where he is today. It’s funny how success can help a person overcome hurt. Even though Adam was never vocal about feeling slighted when

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