No “O” for Orioles

The Orioles aren’t going to get back in the win column until the offense starts scoring runs again. It’s been very surprising just how cold the bats have gone lately.

Through Friday’s game against the Oakland A’s, the Orioles have scored just six runs in five games. That’s hard to swallow when you consider the talent the lineup is stacked with.

Dave Trembley was asked after Friday night’s 9-1 loss to the Athletics whether he’d consider shuffling the lineup to get things going, but he said it’s difficult to gauge if that would help, especially after a game where the hitters where handed a six run hole to dig their way out of in the first inning.

We all know baseball is a game of streaks, but it’s as if all the Orioles hitters are slumping at once---except Luke Scott---but Luke is only one bat.

The last five games have been brutal. Here’s a look at how bad the O’s are scuffling at the plate right now:

In those five games Brian Roberts has gone 2-for-20. Nick Markakis is 3-for-16, and Adam Jones is 4-for-17. These are the players who set the tone. They’re the big dogs, and when they’re not going well, it’s very indicative of how the team is playing.

Ironically, the tables have turned and the one thing that was the Orioles weakness at the beginning of the year (starting pitching) has lately been their strength. With the exception of Jeremy Guthrie’s tough start in Oakland Friday, it’s fair to say the starters this past week have been putting the Orioles in a position to win night after night.

But the run support just isn’t there.

One would have to think it’s only a matter of time before the Birds bats heat up again, but lately it seems they just can’t bust out of the team wide slump.