Random Nuggets

Thursday night I interviewed Aubrey Huff live on MASN’s O’s Xtra post game show. He had just driven in the game winning run against the Mets for the series win.

Aubrey insisted I stand with my back to the Orioles dugout rather than him. Considering the fact that post game shaving crème pies in the face have been served up five times this year, it was a veteran move.

I’m still bitter he was perfectly willing to let me take the pie in the face instead of him. I believe that’s called self survival. Luckily nothing happened.

On another note: Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia is beautiful with a full view of the Philadelphia sideline in centerfield. I’ve seen a lot of ballparks. This one ranks extremely high on my list of favorites (as far as the modern parks are concerned.)

Also, I was pleasantly surprised to find just how accommodating and kind the ushers and stadium workers have been. They’re almost overly helpful. It’s been very easy to work here.

Aren’t people supposed to tell “yous” to pound sand in Philly? Just shows you can’t believe stereotypes.

On a third note: I’m calling out Mark Hendrickson. During a clubhouse discussion about which Orioles pitcher was the best hitter, Hendrickson told me, very convincingly, he was a .224 career hitter. That number is more like .134. Either he has a selective memory, or I’m very gullible.

For the record, coming into Friday’s game, Brad Bergesen had the best batting average on the staff. He’s 1-for-3 with a .333 average in the big leagues.