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B-Rob Update

Brian Roberts reported to extended spring training Friday to continue rehabbing the herniated disk in his back - so far so good. He took batting practice swinging from both sides of the plate. Dave Trembley also told reporters Roberts took 50 ground balls. Sunday is an off day for the team in Sarasota, but Roberts asked coaches down there if they could come to

Perfect storm or bad play?

Have you ever seen the movie The Perfect Storm, where everything that can go wrong weather-wise does all at once, creating catastrophe? Would you say the Orioles have been caught in the perfect storm this season? Or is the fact that they have the worst record in baseball a result of much more than uncontrollable events? In other words do you not buy into Continue reading ....

Who in the O's bullpen is lights out?

Wednesday night in Texas, we watched five of the six Orioles relievers used out of the bullpen contribute to the loss. The blame could be spread across the board after Jeremy Guthrie pitched six innings of one-run ball, but walked away with a no decision. As Dave Trembley signaled pitching change after pitching change, the thought occurred to me: Is there anyone in the

Where to Bat Markakis?

The past two days it seems Dave Trembley is starting to find some stability in his lineup. With the addition of Corey Patterson leading off, perhaps the chips are falling in place and Trembley won’t be forced to fiddle with the lineup every single night. There’s something to be said for finding what works and sticking with it. Look at the good teams in

How will Reimold's demotion affect the rest of the O's?

A day after Nolan Reimold was sent down to Triple-A with Corey Patterson taking his place on the major league roster, O’s manager Dave Trembley talked about how he thinks the roster move will benefit the rest of his team. Amber reports on what the O’s skipper had to say.

Trembley wants hitters to be more selective

Dave Trembley isn’t just unhappy with his team’s lack of hitting. He’s unhappy with their lack of good, smart at bats. His message in Tuesday’s pregame press conference was to take more pitches, be more selective, work the count a little bit, and don’t be scared of hitting with two strikes. Part of being a major league hitter is understanding when your team needs

Right now who is the O's All-Star?

When you look at American League leaders in offensive categories, Orioles names are quite scarce these days. Because of that, it’s hard to think of any of the Orioles as All-Stars right now, but remember, every team has to have at least one player at the Midsummer Classic. Who is that player? Right now my vote is Ty Wigginton. Of the 13 major offensive

Jones getting his groove back

Adam Jones was himself for the first time in weeks shortly after the Orioles tenth-inning win over the Red Sox Friday night. Jones had been having much better at bats all week, and finally he broke out with a 3-for-5 night. He was smiling and open with reporters. It seemed like whatever weight was on his shoulders, was lifted. I think the good game

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