Is a Managerial Change Looming?

You can cut the tension around the ball club with a knife today. If I'm Dave Trembley I'm holding on like a scared skydiver jumping out of a plane leaving New York today---expect Dave is probably feeling like someone has to force him onto the team plane to go home. He has no clue what awaits him when he gets back to Baltimore. If Andy MacPhail is the first face Trembley sees, that can't be good.

The buzz all around the press box right now is we could see a managerial change tomorrow. The rumors are that Juan Samuel could be the interim replacement. The club is not confirming or denying this speculation at the moment. AAA manager Gary Allenson's name has also been thrown out there.

If that turns out to be the case, and it is the end of the road for Trembley, I personally like the Samuel choice. Now no one knows for sure if he'll be the guy, but in my opinion Samuel would add some toughness to the team. He isn't afraid to light a fire under a player's backside and that could be exactly what the doctor ordered. Plus he has the Major League resume and clout to back it up.

It seems with how bad things have gotten for the Orioles, the losing simply can't go on and there has to be a change. If this is Trembley's last game, no one can say he didn't get a fair chance. Remember this is a guy who was supposed to be the interim manager in 2007 after Sam Perlazzo was fired. Three years later he's still here. That's longer than many would have thought. Trembley was extended after his contract ended last season, when many felt he wouldn't have a chance to come back. MacPhail gave him a chance to be judged on wins and loses and that's exactly what he's being judged on right now.

It's going to be an interesting twenty four hours in Birdland. Maybe Trembley will still be standing. Maybe the players and fans will at least know the change they've anticipated for two months has finally been made. We'll see.