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Hardy addition a welcome one to O's

J.J. Hardy has by far been the Orioles’ best addition in 2011. Buck Showalter is very aware of the 6-foot-1 present Andy MacPhail wrapped in a bow and delivered to his roster. “I can’t imagine anyone playing shortstop at a higher level,” Showalter said. “Probably one of the most accurate arms I’ve ever coached.” Hardy currently leads American League shortstops in fielding percentage, but his

Cards' Duncan uses philosophy from catching days with O's

I did something I haven’t done in years Tuesday night. I watched a ball game as a fan at Camden Yards with my father. It reminded me of being a little girl. It reminded me of why I fell in love with baseball. I’m glad I did. My dad is getting older and I try to soak in those moments, the few I have where

Things don't get any easier back at home

Are the Orioles prepared to go blow for blow with two of the top offensive teams in the National League? Friday the Birds welcome the Cincinnati Reds to the Yard for a three-game set. After that, the St. Louis Cardinals come to town. It marks the first time both clubs visit Camden Yards in their histories. Talk about wave on wave. The Reds and Cardinals

O's bats get going during interleague play

Despite a 1-2 interleague record on the Orioles’ most recent road trip, crossing league lines has been good for the Orioles. Sure, losing isn’t good, but the matchups have jump started a few key bats; most notably the offseason additions who came over from the National League - and get this - the pitchers. Mark Reynolds came to Baltimore from the Diamondbacks this offseason. He

Left wondering why O's pitchers can't hold runners on base

The Orioles need to do a better job of holding runners on base. In Saturday’s game against the fourth-best base stealing team in the National League, I don’t recall seeing one throw over to first from any Orioles pitcher. There’s no statistic to double-check that, but I asked my MASN colleague Rick Dempsey if he saw any, and he said, “Not one”. In the first

How nice would it be to have power in the middle of the O's lineup?

With the Orioles in Canada, I headed down to Washington, D.C., on Wednesday night to catch some National League baseball. My mission was to interview three-time National League Most Valuable Player Albert Pujols before the Cardinals took batting practice. In preparing to speak with the slugger, I ran through some research and admittedly became jealous - not of Pujols, but of the Cardinals. Frankly, I’m

Orioles still in contention as calendar hits June

The Orioles are in last place. The good news is last place in the American League East is just six games back. That means it’s mid-June and the Orioles are technically still in it. It’s a revelation noted by O’s center fielder Adam Jones. “I know the last few years here at this point and time we were already counted out,” Jones said. “The Yankees,

Wieters putting it all together in 2011

Can Matt Wieters make a push in this year’s American League All-Star voting? Right now, Yankees catcher Russell Martin is winning the catcher’s race, and despite only playing nine games this season, Joe Mauer of the Twins is right behind him. Considering Wieters leads all of baseball in runners caught stealing (16) and is batting .512 with runners in scoring position, I tend to think

Director of scouting Joe Jordan gives some insight into next week's draft

Orioles Director of Scouting Joe Jordan is in Sarasota, Fla., gearing up for Monday’s draft. The Orioles have the fourth overall pick this year. While Jordan didn’t tell me who tops the O’s wish list, he did give some insight on the type of player the organization is looking for and the state of the Birds’ farm system. Here’s a peak at our phone conversation:

O's have no superstars

As Bird Nation spends its Wednesday writing laundry lists of the Orioles’ shortcomings, I ask: Has anybody noticed a glaring issue? The O’s have no superstars on their team. There, I said it. Admitting we have a problem is the first step. In a league, and especially a division, full of teams loaded with star power, this deficiency is going to become glaring in close

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