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What Showalter is saying about Bundy

Before Monday’s game against the White Sox, I asked Orioles manager Buck Showalter flat out, “So when are you calling up Dylan Bundy?” Unsurprisingly, there was no direct answer. Showalter is definitely being coy on the topic, but based on the conversation that ensued after my kamikaze question, I’m going to go out on a limb and say we will see Bundy in an O’s

Two questions for national baseball media

With so much buzz about Orioles manager Buck Showalter being a top candidate for American League Manager of the Year, we haven’t heard much about Nationals manager Davey Johnson. Sure, Davey was given a bit more chicken to make chicken soup as they say (Buck sure makes noodles and brooth taste delicious), but he still has a fairly young team ahead of schedule. Shouldn’t there

A lesson in the unwritten rules of throwing at a batter

Since the outlawing of public executions at the turn of the 20th century, nothing satiates a crowd’s primal lust for blood like a pitcher throwing a 95 mph fastball at another human being’s head. Admit it, you love a good beaning. Even more so, we all love the hours of debate that follow. The big question: Was it intentional? In a conversation of five different

Troy Patton dealing and flying under the radar

When wondering how the Orioles are winning games these days, one can’t deny the impact of the second-best bullpen in the American League. All-Star closer Jim Johnson has deservedly soaked up most of the attention, followed by the emergence of Pedro Strop, and the resurgence of veterans Luis Ayala and Darren O’Day. With that many relievers having solid years, lefty Troy Patton, who has a

On weekend of his two-year anniversary, Showalter deserves praise

Has Buck Showalter been the Orioles’ most significant acquisition in the last five years? I’m going to say no. That would be two-time All Star Adam Jones, who came over from Seattle in the 2008 Erik Bedard trade. But Showalter has to be second. I’m not sure if that’s a testament to the positive impact Showalter has had on the organization or an indictment of

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