Jim-Jim and Rob-Bob

For the second straight year, MASN used the innovative approach of sharing announcers for our two Interleague series with the Nats and Orioles.

We hope you enjoyed it - now let me tell you what makes it work.

For the play-by-play guys like Jim Hunter and myself, we have to check our egos at the door and know that the ex-players/analysts will have tons of thoughts on the teams and how they play each other.

Jim and I filled in the spaces this past weekend while Jim Palmer and Rob Dibble broke down the Nats and O’s - especially their pitching - and provided great insight throughout the three games.

For Jim and me, we have gotten used to the fire drill that takes place twice per game. In the middle of the third, I would come over this weekend from the visiting TV booth at Camden Yards, Jim would vacate his spot and I would move in with my scorebook, laptop and other necessities of announcing a game.

Then, after the seventh, Jim returned and the process reversed itself. We had only one accident in the six games; my ice water got spilled on the carpet Sunday, but our stage manager Karen did some quick mop-up work and all was well.

I also have to get used to working with a different producer and director, as Chip Winfield and Doug Yalacki (MASN’s Nats producer and director, respectively) had the weekend off and we were led by MASN’s Orioles crew. My previous network experience kicked in here, as I’ve worked with dozens of producers over my 25 years in the major leagues, so it was pretty smooth and seamless.

I also worked with Palmer on ESPN games in the early 90s, so Jim and I have known each other a while and that made things easy. When Jim and Joe Morgan were inducted into Cooperstown in 1990, I hosted the TV special, so we even have a bit of a history together.

In the end, Rob and Jim were great, the crew was outstanding and I hope you all enjoyed the weekend. We have a unique relationship between the Nats and O’s with MASN, and the fans I’ve heard from seemed to like the sharing of the crews these last two seasons.

It’s hard to picture the Yankees and Mets doing that, or the Cubs and White Sox, but it’s been fun being a part of this interesting MASN baseball family in ‘08 and ‘09!