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A week that could turn into years

A homestand of one win and six losses isn’t usually something to remember, but this last week at Nationals Park was memorable and might have implications for our ballclub for years to come. Before the Nationals even played a game on the stand, Stephen Strasburg was signed and immediately became a part of Nats’ history before he even arrived in town, much less threw

The night the lights stayed on in DC

The email from John Dever of the Nationals Media Relations came at 12:17:28 and ended my frantic search from website to website. Stephen Strasburg was finally a Nat, at least a Nats farmhand, and it’s a great time to be a fan of Major League Baseball’s newest team! What’s better than a Monday off after winning 11 of 14, going 17-14 under Manager Jim

A great week = A well deserved day off

After 25 games in 25 days, the Nationals were very deserving of a day off Monday. Some teams need a day off to escape a bad streak, and others don’t want to take a day off when they’re hot. But, despite winning eight straight, 12 of 16 and 14 of 21 games, the boys needed a day off to recharge and give the bullpen

Better Late - It’s More Exciting

Try to figure out the game of baseball and it will drive you crazy sometimes. So, you should enjoy it and wait for those unexpected twists and turns. Tuesday night against the Marlins was just such a time. I have to admit, while announcing the first seven innings with Josh Johnson dominating the Nats, it was hard to envision a come-from-behind win. Johnson had

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