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A real team effort

A friend of mine, St. Louis Cardinals TV director Tom Mee, is finishing a book on televised baseball; and after he asked me to write a liner note for his cover, it got me to thinking about our MASN Nationals crew and what great work they do! The men and women behind the scenes make Nats baseball a pleasure for Rob, Debbi and me

Flashes of brilliance and a series win

Through the clouds and raindrops of South Florida over the weekend, there were a few peeks of sunshine that suggested to me that better days are ahead for the Nationals. Battling their way to a 2-1 series win over the division and Wild Card contending Marlins got the Nats to 50 wins and some late season respectability. During this tough season, we’ve all been

The last furlong before the finish line

Labor Day has always been the last pause before the end of the baseball season--the final post before that finish line, which comes late this year on October 4. In the days before divisional play, pre-1969, if your team was within five games of first place on Labor Day, you were considered to have a shot at the pennant. In this modern age of

Class is in session

I have to give Mike Rizzo credit for catching us all off guard last week with the signing of Livan Hernandez. “Levo” was on the mound the next day at Wrigley Field and gave a typically sound performance: 6 innings, 2 runs on 5 hits, 6 strikeouts and 2 walks/1 intentional. The game was 2-2 into the seventh before the bullpen struggled into a

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