Beware the slides of March

Nyjer Morgan: stay healthy this year, my friend, and the Nationals will be an exciting and productive offensive club. I hope the slides of March, April, May, etc. will be feet-first and not hands-first.

The bats will make plenty of noise if Tony Plush is on base, agitating pitchers and stealing bases. I’m excited about the Nats’ offensive potential in ‘10, and he’s the key.

Just think, Jason Marquis leads the staff; the young arms continue to learn and develop; the bullpen doesn’t have to work so long and hard; and viola! ... the defense is better because there are fewer rockets flying their way.

There’s a solid, veteran baseball man in the dugout calling the shots, and his staff excels at teaching and coaching so the young guys learn and develop, and the older guys do what they’ve been doing for years.

Then two MASN announcers in the booth have more fun than last year, and the reporter has many more opportunities for on-field interviews after wins.

And the ballpark is full, loud and fun every night.

These are my visions for 2010 if all goes well for our Nats. This is the time of year when hope springs eternal, even when an avalanche of snow has clouded the view.

This spring, it’s a matter of 4-3-2-1 on MASN. We’ll bring you four games, three in Florida, two of them with the Yankees, and one more spring game than we did last year.

I always like the feel of that warm air when I step off the plane for the first time in Florida each year, and this season we have lots to look forward to.

So, let’s start a thread of our own here. Now that MASN has announced its schedule, drop me a line and ask whatever you wish about our telecasts, our baseball team, our broadcast team, Rob Dibble ... whatever you want to chat about.

I look forward to your questions or opinions - now that the driveway is shoveled, of course!