Bob says “Thanks!”


The 2010 home season has wrapped up - with a winning record of 41-40 after just 33 wins at Nationals Park last year - and it’s time for me to say some personal “thanks” to those who make my daily experience at the ballpark a fun one:

Thanks to Cornelius and Kevin at the Nationals’ clubhouse door, who let me in every day with smiles, high-fives and encouraging words.

Thanks to Mike, Javier, Dan and the all clubhouse guys for their hard work and for helping me gather baseballs and autographs for my annual charity golf tournament.

Thanks to Matt Rosenthal in the visiting clubhouse for the same reasons.

Thanks to Adam Dunn for always being friendly in that clubhouse and spreading good will to all.

Thanks to Ian Desmond for his personality and for being a great interview for such a young player.

Thanks to Jim Riggleman for his patience on our weekly MASN video blogs and for joining us live from the dugout on Wired Wednesdays.

Thanks to Rob McDonald for getting us to our road games and home again, always with patience and class.

Thanks to John Dever, Mike Gazda and Bill Gluvna for their help arranging interviews, for providing us with stats and game notes and for helping my family get the passes they need to spend time with me.

Thanks to usher Ron “Coach” Simms for his friendliness and class, though I’m still trying to get used to his Tom Jones routine on the dugout.

Thanks to usher Sue for always waving to me during the seventh-inning stretch.

Thanks to our MASN stage manager Joe Delpo for keeping us on time and organized in the booth.

Thanks to Ali and Cristian for always seeing to it that our microphones work in that booth.

Thanks to Rob Dibble for teaching me a great deal about pitching.

Thanks to Ray Knight for joining me under tough circumstances and doing a great job.

Thanks to Debbi Taylor for earning her nickname “Scoop.”

Thanks to the MASN crew, the best TV production bunch I’ve ever worked with, led by producer Chip Winfield and director Doug Yalacki. You folks wouldn’t believe how hard these men and women work every day for long hours to give you the best baseball coverage in the major leagues.

And last but not least ... thanks to you Nats fans for hanging with us season after season when there’s no pennant race, no Wild Card possibility and no long winning streaks.

Your support means the world to us and makes our hard work worthwhile. We promise those good things will happen in the future, and after these tough and lean years, we’ll be even more thankful when the Nats play in October.

From the bottom of my heart,