So far, real good

As we gaze out on a rainy evening at Nationals Park, we’re pretty sure the Nats and Astros will play tonight, and it should be a very tough evening to hit against Jordan Zimmermann. Pitchers don’t mind a little cold and wet weather early in the season, especially this spring when it’s been so unseasonably warm, even in our visits to Chicago and New York.

The Nats have already done what contending teams need to do: play well on the road and dominate at home. Four wins and two losses on the first road trip, then 5-1 (so far) at home is the formula for a good start and hopefully a good first month or two. If not for some questionable calls, it would be a 6-0 homestand, but those things happen and good teams overcome.

While we wait for the offense to gel, pitching is the story, as the young arms of this staff have been simply fantastic. We arrive at the park every day thinking the Nats have a chance to win with that game’s starter, and they haven’t disappointed.

Going into tonight’s game, a sparkling 1.91 team ERA is the envy of baseball, with a major league second-best 30 runs given up (Texas has allowed 27) and a league-low two home runs. In every facet the staff has been better than advertised and the bullpen is working hard to keep up. Even when the bullpen has struggled late in some games, the Nats have found ways to win and are in well-deserved first place.

I know in the MASN booth, F.P. and I have this feeling that every night something good is going to happen, and the telecasts have been fun. Thanks for being along for this exhilarating ride, but there’s a long, long way to go.

Baseball is a marathon, not a sprint, and we’re barely off the blocks. But, wow, what a start!