An answer to the “best fan question of the season”

Nearing the back end of a 10-game homestand, Brian Roberts checked in with fans for another weekly video blog from the top of the O’s dugout at Camden Yards.

As the Orioles gear up for what seems like an entire month of games against AL East opponents and as another sport B-Rob follows, football, heats up at the college and pro levels, Brian looked ahead to the final days of the baseball season and the promise of his fantasy football team.

Brian also declared Keri’s question the most interesting submission from an O’s fan all season as she asked him what question he’d like to ask Birdland after answering to them each and every week in his blog.

See if you can submit a question that’ll have Brian calling it the best one all season using the comment box below and he might address it in his next post from the road.