One of a manager’s greatest challenges

Major league managers have a number of challenging day-to-day responsibilities. Crafting a strong lineup, deciding when to pull a starting pitcher, dealing with players’ off-field personalities and issues - none of that is easy.

But Orioles manager Buck Showalter believes that one of the main qualities which separates a good manager from a great one is his ability to properly handle a bullpen. In his latest video blog, the O’s skipper talks with Dan Kolko about the art of managing his corps of relievers.

Buck discusses how intensely the Orioles chart each reliever’s workload in terms of innings and pitches thrown, and also how “ups” (a pitcher warming up in the bullpen) factor into the equation.

He also touches on how each reliever’s personal history forces a manager to adjust his in-game strategy, how much a starting rotation can impact the strength of a bullpen, and why an inning-eating reliever can be a lifesaver.

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