Will Guzman play shortstop or second base?

With spring training a little over a month away, a lot of offseason talk on the defensive side has centered around the shortstop and second base positions.

A lot of rumors had the Nats interested in Orlando Hudson last year and that talk continues now as the team prepares for the 2010 campaign.

Shortstop Ian Desmond did a great job on an interim basis and he has told me how he will go all out, leave everything on the table to secure the position this season.

So where will Cristian Guzman end up? Will he play short or second? It is no secret he appeared to have lost some range at short last season, but for most of the year he was one of the most consistent hitters on the team.

Manager Jim Riggleman told me, “It is not cast in stone that Cristian Guzman will play second base. It is based on a lot of things.

“Wherever we need him to play he is going to play. But for instance, if the coaching staff and Mike Rizzo think he just doesn’t look comfortable there and doesn’t look good there, we know his arm is stronger and we can leave him at short.”

Jim says he does feel they have depth at the position in Albert Gonzalez.

“Alberto Gonzalez can go there for a couple of days or he can go in there every day. Alberto is a guy who is a shortstop by trade.”

More on the Nats tomorrow with a look at the outfield and Elijah Dukes.

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