On Bryce Harper’s Weekend

Here is a quick update on Bryce Harper’s weekend from Todd Dewey of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, who got to see Bryce in person for his debut Friday night.

What did you think from what you saw of Bryce?

“I thought Harper looked good in his debut, considering he skipped his final two years of high school. There was definitely excitement and anticipation in the air as he stepped to the plate for the first time.”

What stood out about Bryce’s first at-bat?

“I was impressed with his patience at the plate as he let the first three balls go by en route to a 5 pitch walk. He made a throwing error from third base midway through the game, but showed off a rocket arm in the process.”

What was the best moment in that first game?

“His most spectacular moment came in the eighth inning when he reached out and drove a sac fly to deep left field on a pitch that was supposed to be part of an intentional walk. That was special.”

What was your overall viewpoint of Bryce’s night?

“He did a bit of everything, stealing a base and even trying to bunt for a base hit at one point.”

Bryce went 0-for-8 on Saturday, but had a homer and a double on Sunday.

College of Southern Nevada head baseball coach Tim Chambers will hopefully join me later this week for an update on Bryce, so we’ll keep you posted. Thanks to Todd Dewey for the latest on Bryce’s collegiate debut.

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