Baseball Prospectus on the Nats and Strasburg

As the Nationals get ready to play actual baseball against other teams (yes!) at spring training, I thought it would be good to see what others think about the Nationals and some of their young talent.

Steven Goldman, one of the editors of the 2010 Baseball Prospectus, joined me recently to preview major league baseball for the upcoming season. Goldman has helped run the annual for five seasons.

I had a chance to ask Steven about the Prospectus and how it is put together (not easy), how he thinks the Nationals will fare this season (and how they compare to the Orioles), when he thinks Stephen Strasburg will debut, and more.

Audio: Byron talks with Baseball Prospectus’ Steven Goldman about the Nats’ 2010 outlook

How important is a good start for the Nats? Remember the holes the team got into the last couple of seasons when facing the Marlins and Phillies to begin the year?

Goldman doesn’t expect to see Strasburg with the Nats until June due to the arbitration clock, but wonders if the Braves would have make a better charge against the Phillies last year if Tommy Hanson had been with Atlanta’s big league club in April and May.

Goldman also speaks to how the interest in the Nats has peaked with Strasburg now in the organization and what it will mean to the other major league teams. He talks about the comparisons of hot shot rookies to Strasburg like Braves outfielder Jason Heyward.

Stay tuned throughout spring training camp as we spotlight every team in the National League East and how things look in the American League as well.

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