Nyjer Morgan’s nickname for Maxwell

Nats outfielder Justin Maxwell gets his first start in center field Thursday versus the Marlins. I spoke with Justin to get his pulse on spring training so far. He talked about a variety of subjects including how his swing is feeling in spring training, how is stance is set this season in the batters box and the different feeling in the clubhouse this year.

Maxwell says expectations are high for this team, and he comments on what the young guys have learned from the veterans who have been in the playoffs.

He also touches on hanging out and playing against starting center fielder Nyjer Morgan in the Arizona Fall League and what nickname Morgan has given Maxwell and why. Listen to the audio to find out!

Byron Kerr talks with Justin Maxwell about competing with Nyjer Morgan:

Maxwell told me Rick Eckstein has emphasized to his hitters to focus on swinging at strikes. He says he is comfortable staying in the outfield and has not been asked to play first base yet.

I also asked him what Dave Winfield has meant to him in his young career, why Stephen Strasburg’s pitches look like golf balls to Justin and what Maryland’s chances are in the ACC tournament (basketball, that is!).

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