Game 2 Braves preview: Atilano riding sinker to Big Leagues

Nats starter Luis Atilano learned his best pitch the sinker from the Nats organization. He will prominently display that pitch again tonight as he takes on the Atlanta Braves in his 3rd overall start and 2nd at home.

I asked Luis what he felt about his 2-0 start:

“I feel happy about it. I am keeping my focus from day to day. I am trying to get quick outs during my starts.”

“I am working pitch by pitch. I am not trying to do too much. A lot of times I am behind in the count. But that is a part of the game.”

What did you work on before arriving in D.C.?

“At Triple-A, (pitching coach Greg Booker) helped me get command of my slider a little better.”

Speaking of getting here, what was that day like when Trent Jewett told you had made it to the Nats?

“It was incredible. I didn’t know if I should scream, cry or laugh. I didn’t know what to do. Finally I am here. I have to keep focusing day by day and pitch by pitch.”

Good atmosphere with this team this year, right?

“I like the team. We all like each other. We are all here trying to win games. We just want to win.”

The Braves have a potent lineup, featuring Brian McCann, Martin Prado, Troy Glaus and Jason Heyward, what do you have to do to beat them?

“Just like the Dodgers and the Cubs, they have pretty good lineups. The key today is the same. Stay with my plan and get quick outs.”

What are your best pitches?

“Sinkers. I try to go sinkers all the time. That has been the key for me the last two years.”

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