Riggleman puts Pudge in the 2 hole vs. Indians

Cleveland, OH -- Nats manager Jim Riggleman puts Ivan Rodriguez in the 2 hole for Game 1 vs. Cleveland. Riggleman said he wanted the 9, 1 and 2 spots to be mixed up a little bit and not all left handed hitters. Riggs also said they thought about putting Rodriguez in the 2 hole as early as spring training. He also said they can hit Ivan in many different places besides his usual 6 spot.

It also turns the 3-4-5 power and makes it a lethal 2-3-4-5 barrage for the Indians to face. The batting averages are .336, .287, .314 and .283. That is a statement the Nats what to go after the Indians early and try to establish the offense and leads early so the Nats pitchers can pitch with the lead more often.

Watch for the designated hitter spot in this series. Riggs put Josh Willingham there tonight in the 5 hole. You could see Mike Morse at first base Sunday and Adam Dunn as the DH to mix things up.

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