Detwiler ready for another shot

Nationals left-hander Ross Detwiler gets the start today in the final game of the series against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Detwiler pitched seven scoreless innings Wednesday afternoon for the Harrisburg Senators. Detwiler thinks it will actually help him having only four days rest.

“I think it will be better. It is close to my bullpen day so I think I will be better because my location is finer.

“I felt good after my seven inning game Wednesday. Normally, I ride the bike for 15 to 20 minutes after every start to get the blood pumping. I felt fine after that.”

Detwiler has confidence in all his pitches and the rehab starts in Potomac and Harrisburg have really helped him build on that belief.

“I feel I am spotting my fastball well in the zone, even better than in years past. My curve and my changeup are working pretty good. I am throwing a lot more strikes earlier in the count and getting ahead of hitters. That has been a big difference.

“I am just trying to focus on this one start. You know all the clichés but they are true. If this start goes well than you hope to buy another.”

Detwiler says his philosophy has not changed from when he first came up to the big leagues.

“I attack with my fastball. I pitch off of how the fastball works. If I can get ahead with the fastball than I can throw my other pitches. I always try to keep the ball down and get ground balls.

“I trust Pudge (Rodriguez) or Wil (Nieves) to help with the Brewers lineup (Sunday) because they have been watching these guys all weekend.”

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