Jewett talks to and about Morgan as suspension looms

Syracuse Chiefs manager Trent Jewett joined the Nats following the end of the Triple-A season, and Sunday he got the chance to sit down and speak with one of his former players in outfielder Nyjer Morgan.

Morgan is likely facing a long suspension for a string of incidents the last couple of weeks and could find out his fate for the remainder of the 2010 regular season as early as today.

Jewett, who managed Morgan while he was with the Indianapolis Indians in the Pirates organization from 2007 and 2008, says the meeting was more about catching up than advice about the pending suspension.

“Nyjer is a player from my past,” Jewett said. “I have a great deal of respect for him. You love the passion he has for the game. I haven’t been able to be around him. The text messages don’t have a whole lot of meaning and a whole lot of feeling, so it was just about catching up.”

Jewett said when Morgan works hard on the field and concentrates on playing the game, he’s a very good baseball player.

“At this level there is a lot of tugging and pulling in different directions and things can get askew from time to time,” Jewett said.

“But when (Morgan) is being himself, he is an asset to the game and he is an asset to the organization. You hope that he leans toward being everything that he can be, and I think he will.”

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