Hitting update for guys not named Bryce Harper

A quick update on how some of the Nats’ prospects are hitting in Viera after the first two weeks of instructional league competition.

Rick Schu, Nationals hitting coordinator, broke down a few of the guys on the roster. For our update on Bryce Harper, check this capsule from earlier this week.

OF Destin Hood, Hagerstown

“He is swinging the bat really well. We want him to execute situationally. We are looking for Destin to be more aggressive in hitters counts and use his lower half. He has figured out how to be short to ball with the barrel. Now we are just trying to get some lower half leverage. His batting practices have been awesome.”

1B Tyler Moore, Potomac

“He had a long, productive season with the Mills Cup trophy, Carolina League POY and Nationals Minor League Player of the Year.

“Jeff Garber, manager of the Vermont Lake Monsters and the infield coordinator, will really focus in on his defense. He will get in some games but mostly he is here to work on his glove.”

OF JP Ramirez, Hagerstown

“JP has really been consistent and has a good stroke to all fields.”

IF Russell Moldenhauer, Vermont

“He is swinging the bat really well. We are working on his defense, he DH’d a lot in Vermont.

“He will have the chance to play first base and third base. We are excited to see the progress he is making defensively. He is really getting a lot better.”

1B Justin Bloxom, Hagerstown (injured)

“He texted me recently and says his knee is feeling really good. Originally, they thought it was going to be a major surgery and it ended up being not as bad as they first thought.

“With Bolxom’s work ethic he will be back two weeks early. He should be ready for spring training 2011.”

OF Randolph Oduber GCL, Hagerstown

“The big thing with Randolph is working on his jumps in the outfield. He is a natural centerfielder. Coming to Viera, he will be playing a lot of the corner outfield positions so he will work on getting angles and reads and jumps from the corners.

“Hitting wise, Randolph is a big guy. I think there is more leverage in that body. We are just trying to maintain some posture and get him consistent with his angles.”

OF Eury Perez, Hagerstown

“He always puts a smile on my face. Eury is a talented guy, makes it look easy and has electric hands.

“Eury needed to understand his lower half and get into position where he could use his hands. He made the adjustment and did it.

“He is the total package. He can run, he has a good arm, plays center field, runs down everything, steals bases, gets the bunt down when he needs to and understands they way the Washington Nationals play the game.”


“The guys won’t let another guy not give 100 percent. Everybody’s getting after it really good. I am pretty excited abut the early progress.”

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