Morse singing a different tune

Nationals manager Davey Johnson has been pleased with progress his hitters have made this season. The best story has to be Michael Morse, who has hit 29 homers and has 91 RBIs, both career highs and team-leading totals.

“He is one of the great surprises,” Johnson said. “He has been the most consistent guy all year long. He has had to play left field, then first base, then back to left field. He has been given the opportunity, and he has made the most of it. The same could be said for Ian Desmond, who was struggling early on now playing very well, Danny Espinosa, Wilson Ramos and a lot of the guys. That is a wonderful thing. Even Chris Marrero has laid claim to saying, ‘I want to be on this ball club too.’ “

Morse has taken it in stride. He said in the clubhouse before Sunday’s game that he changed his walkup music to start the game to a more upbeat tune because “I wasn’t getting enough out of my first at-bats.” Morse ditched a 2 Live Crew song in favor of “The Party Has Just Begun” by Freestyle.

The way Morse had established himself this season as an everyday player is music to everyone’s ears.

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