Nix hopes to return to lineup by weekend; Desmond will play winter ball again

Nationals outfielder Laynce Nix, who tweaked his groin against the Atlanta Braves last week said rest is helping him and he expects to return the the lineup Saturday or Sunday against the Houston Astros.

Nix said the slight groin injury is healing well and his body heals quickly when he shuts down completely for a few days.

His achilles has been tender for awhile and this time off has also helped that injury. Nix said when he returns to Dallas, Texas., in the offseason, he has his own physical therapist focus on the particular parts of his body that got banged up during the season and concentrates on working those areas. That helps the healing process move along at a faster pace.

Nix said the injuries also will not require surgery. He remembers pulling his groin early in his career and this is nothing near that in severity.

Ian Desmond told me he will play winter ball in the Dominican this season, alongside teammate Chris Marrero. Desmond said he always wants to continue getting in as many games and at bats as he can.

It is a two month season in the Dominican Republic and Marrero said he will play in just the first month.

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