Coffey might shelve sprint from bullpen with Dodgers

Setup man Todd Coffey is taking his quality stuff and energizing entrance to the west coast with the announcement that the right-hander will be leaving the Nationals to sign a one-year deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

This made me think that the engaging personality that is Coffey may hang up his famous entrance each game from the bullpen.


Last season, I asked Coffey if anything unusual had ever happened at any stadium when he made his famous sprints in from the bullpen after getting the call to pitch. Did he ever trip or fall flat while racing towards the mound?

He told me only once did he ever almost lose it and trip during his entrance. It was a game at Dodger Stadium against the Dodgers.

At least he will have plenty of time to practice at his new home in Chavez ravine. He was always very gracious with his time and honest in his assessment before and after games. Coffey will do just fine in L.A. Just watch out for that tricky infield dirt, it’s a doozy.

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