Bryce Harper’s catch at wall a reminder of what’s yet to come

Those kinds of catches must be second nature to Bryce Harper. But they are new to Nationals fans.

Get used to it. The kid can make the spectacular seem routine.

Showing no fear, the 19-year old went hard to his left toward the center field wall at Dodger Stadium after a shot off the bat of Juan Uribe on Sunday.

Not breaking stride, Harper jumped into the padded concrete wall and caught the ball as the collision occurred.

Falling onto his back it took a moment or two for Harper to get back up, but he did and he was good to go.

“I don’t even know,” Harper said on “Nats Xtra.” “Before that pitch even happened, I was thinking, ‘If I get a ball in the gap I am just going to go as hard as I can and not let the guy on first score.” I didn’t want it to drop. It was a 0-0 ballgame. In that situation, you want to catch everything.”

So what was it like to hit that wall near full speed?

“It was fine,” Harper said. “I cramped up when I landed. That was the only thing that bothered me. But it is better than running into the wooden wall in Syracuse.”

Couple that catch with the throw he made Saturday that beat the runner from second home following a single and you get the idea what Harper is capable of defensively.

You see how aggressive he is at the plate. The swing on Saturday’s double was so quick and the power was so intense, Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp could only turn to watch the ball hit the bottom of the center field wall. It was a shot.

Now Nationals fans get to see what Harper can do to the Nationals Park outfield walls. This could get interesting real quick.

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