Harper not embarrassed by bat-to-face incident

Before Monday’s series opener against the Padres, Nationals right fielder Bryce Harper said his left eye was feeling better three days after he struck himself with his bat off a runway wall in the Cincinnati visitors’ clubhouse. The pain had subsided and he didn’t have to sleep a certain way to avoid laying on his left side.

When asked if the injury was embarrassing, Harper said, “No, I’m not embarrassed.”

He said the incident would not make him change his future reaction to a bad game or a string of frustrating at-bats.

It is a part of the way he plays the game: go hard all the time or go home.

Could this mean that there’s another clubhouse that sooner or later will feel the wrath of Harper’s bat?

Maybe next time manager Davey Johnson will ask Harper to put the bat away first before he gets upset.

Let’s just hope he gives himself a few more feet for the ricochet that next time.

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