Clown decision: big oversight not having Bryce Harper in home run derby

OK. It is time for someone to step in here. Please don’t let the All-Star Game Home Run Derby go the way of the NBA slam dunk contest.

Calling on commissioner Bud Selig or Cardinals manager Mike Matheny.

Someone step in with a “sponsor” exemption. Nationals slugger Bryce Harper needs to be in the home run derby. This event needs a kick. Nothing like the spice of “that’s a clown question, bro” to ignite this made-for-TV spectacle.

Something has to happen, because National League captain and Dodgers hitter Matt Kemp announced that Harper is not on his roster.

Harper should be there, and so should Angels hitter Mike Trout. That would be must-see TV for the All-Star game.

A little Gates barbecue and Harper hitting home runs in the midsummer warmup. Sounds like a perfect night.

Oh well, maybe they could just add a rookies vs. sophomores game?

harper swinging red close sidebar.jpgPlease?

Trust me, baseball fans around the world will thank you. Advertisers will jump for joy. After all, this is the kid that hit a 502-foot homer that smacked the back wall of Tropicana Field in the high school International Power Showcase home run derby.

Remember that?

Harper does. He was 16.

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