Nationals’ Tyler Moore signals he should stay with another monster blast

This just in.

There is another future star in the Nats’ clubhouse. He hits home runs that bounce off Pikes Peak and he plays left field like he was born for that position.

The thumper. The bulldog.

He is Tyler Moore.

What a shot.

Moore’s fifth-inning three-run homer landed 15 to 20 rows up at Coors Field in the left-center stands. A thunderous swing that highlighted the Nationals’ best offensive output of the season in a 21-hit, 12-5 shellacking of the defenseless Colorado Rockies.

Moore showed he was capable of this with 70 home runs in the minor leagues, including a two-year clip where he slammed 62, the most of any Nationals player.

There has been a lot of talk about Bryce Harper, and for good reason. Harper is the real deal, is athletic, and has amazing hands and a powerful bat.

But guess what? Moore is up there, too.

Moore continues to signal that he also should be here to stay and should play every day.

Put him in left field. Put him at first base. Make him the first bat off the bench to face left-handers. Find any way to get him at-bats. Moore has the tools.

As I tweeted (@masnKerr) before the series began, Colorado would trot out three straight left-handers against the Nationals. Moore has started the first two games and will likely start tonight as well.

But what about playing him every day? The kid (Part 2) is getting so good at the plate that the Nationals are considering this idea.

Sure there are decisions to be made in the next few weeks when Jayson Werth returns, but it is obvious that Moore needs to play and play a lot.

This offense needs another big bat like Moore’s to go with its incredible pitching staff. Make any change necessary to help this team as it goes for its first pennant of the modern era in D.C., but do one thing:

Keep Thumper.

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