Cordero honored to return, remembers meeting Storen

Former Nationals pitcher Chad Cordero was honored by his former team by throwing out the first pitch before Friday’s match-up with the Atlanta Braves.

Cordero threw the pitch in flip-flops, shorts and a red Nationals uniform top with his name and number on it.

The pitch was outside and high to Drew Storen, the first time they had been on the same field in eight years.

Cordero was in his rookie season in 2004 in a game at Cincinnati and saw a 15-year old Storen standing in the outfield before the game during batting practice.

“I haven’t seen him since that day,” Cordero said. “I remember that very well. It was weird. I didn’t realize that was him until I read the story about it. I remember meeting him.

“He was standing all by himself in right-center. No one was talking to him and no one was even coming close to him. I am a rookie, I don’t know any better. I am going to go out and talk to this kid, because who knows you might be talking to a guy who might be taking your job one day.”

cordero.JPG“He kind of did,” Cordero said with a laugh.

Cordero said Storen has a bright future because he has all the tools to be a top-of-the-line closer.

“It is kind of odd him being drafted by the Nationals and it is kind of cool,” Cordero said. “He has done well, I am glad to see him have so much success.”

Cordero had 113 strikeouts for the Nationals in four seasons, but left baseball last year with recurring shoulder issues.

Cordero, happy to be a dad and husband this season, plans to make a comeback starting with winter ball in November, in hope of getting a spring training invite.

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