Incredibly, Teddy finally wins, shattering longest losing streak in majors

It has happened.

No, not the Nationals winning the division.

No, not the first playoff game in D.C. since 1933.

It is the larger-than-life fourth-inning hero, the legendary former president, represented with oversized clothing from his bygone era and a huge melon head, steel-wire rope spectacles and neon green running shoes.

Teddy Roosevelt has won the race he had lost 525 times in a row.

Forget 61.

Forget 2,130.

Try 525.

It is over.

In the most amazing of races, Roosevelt crushed his old nemesis/buddies Tommy Jefferson, George Washington and Abe Lincoln.

Trailing the three at the quarter, someone dressed as a miniature Phillie Phanatic came out of the right-field bullpen and knocked down Lincoln, Washington and Jefferson.

Teddy broke away from there and won by six lengths, ending a winless streak that dates back 526 races.

Teddy in 2012.

It’s on.

Now, when will he win race No. 2?

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