Detwiler survives early extra base hits to post win over Cubs

Nationals left-hander Ross Detwiler allowed six doubles Friday night. The Cubs scored two runs early in the game.

But Detwiler also tossed 6 2/3 innings, did not allow a walk, struck out two and surrendered just those two runs. Detwiler got early run support and ended up with the victory in a 7-3 decision.

“It was terrible on my part for those two runs,” Detwiler said. “I came back out and gave up another run to tie the game. That is something that I got to get better at. Our offense really answered the bell and came back out and supported me.”

Manager Davey Johnson said he noticed Detwiler employing the curveball a few more times than usual. It helped to keep the Cubs from guessing correctly with men on base.

“Det pitched a good ball game,” Johnson said. “It was a game where he learned that he had to mix in some curveballs. (They are) a pretty good fast ball hitting club. He started, after about the third inning, mixing in more curveballs. He was getting ahead and it made it easy for him.”

“I used (curveballs) a few times,” Detwiler said. “It is something where they can’t just sit on the fastball any more so I guess that is nice to throw up another pitch.”

Detwiler was able to get around six doubles. He had allowed six doubles total in the past month. But Detwiler said he found a way to pitch around the extra base hits.

“I think all of them were early in the innings so you try to keep the runner and third or second,” Detwiler said. “The guy is not going to score if there is not a hit or fly ball. You just got to bear down and really focus. That is one thing that we did. I thought the defense was unbelievable tonight. They were leaving their feet left and right. They played well all around.”

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