Johnson: Rendon is “a good-looking young hitter”

Nationals second baseman Anthony Rendon is enjoying his second opportunity of the season back with the big club.

On Wednesday, Rendon smacked a double and two singles while scoring a run in a 3-for-4 night, helping the Nationals edge the Diamondbacks 3-2.

Rendon looks right at home in the batter’s box.

“That is where I feel most comfortable,” Rendon said. “That is what I have been doing my whole life. I like to hit.”

Manager Davey Johnson said Rendon does not act like a rookie in the box. Rendon has had six multi-hit games in his last 10 outings, including 12 hits in his last six games.

“He has swung the bat like a veteran,” Johnson said. “He has hit every pitch that is thrown up there at him. He has got a quick bat and he is aggressive. He hits all types of pitches. Just a good-looking young hitter.”

So why does Rendon look so relaxed at the plate?

Part of it is that he had a taste of the big leagues early this season and has now come back more seasoned.

“My comfortability level is a just a lot higher,” Rendon said. “Obviously, the first time you don’t know what to expect. Coming back, you are just a little more comfortable.

“The game hasn’t changed since I was a little kid. The plate is still the same size. The bases probably got a little longer, but that is about it.”

Johnson said Rendon has demonstrated in almost every at-bat that he can make good contact.

“He hits the ball a lot up the middle,” Johnson said. “He has that good gap power to right-center. You get a guy on second base, he is more than likely to get him in or get him over.

Third baseman Ryan Zimmerman said when he sees Rendon hit it to center field, he knows they have something.

“Usually, the people that can hit do that,” Zimmerman said. “I think since we drafted him and we had heard about him and they watched him in the minors, you can tell a guy can hit. He was one of those guys. He stays with his plan. He is very disciplined for a younger hitter. It is very impressive.”

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