In house, Brown one option for left-handed bat in Nationals search

Commentator and former Nationals general manager Jim Bowden tweeted on Sunday that the Nationals are looking for a left-handed bat off the bench, but that they wouldn’t be spending too much or trading big prospect chips to acquire one.

If the Nationals cannot find another left-handed bat for the bench, they do have outfielder Corey Brown available at Triple-A Syracuse.

Brown has been on a hot streak the last 10 games.

Brown has hit .406 (13-for-32) the last 10 contests, including yesterday’s 0-for-3. He has three doubles, one triple, three homers and 10 RBIs during this stretch. His on-base percentage is .444 and his slugging percentage is .844 during this 10-game period.

Overall, Brown in 74 games has hit .246 with 18 doubles, one triple, 16 homers, nine stolen bases and 49 RBIs.

Brown had five hits last season, two doubles, one homer and three RBIs (.200) while with the Nationals last season for 19 games.

His teammate, right-handed hitting Tyler Moore, has also been rolling. Moore has hit .441 the last 10 games (15-for-35). he has only two extra base hits during this run, but that is actually a good thing as well, because it means he is finding holes and making good contact. Moore has had six multi-hit games since July 18.

It is a very good chance that both will be at least called up in September. But if the Nationals cannot find the left-handed bat they covet with the trade deadline imminent, Brown is an excellent choice right now to help the bench and add some power.

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