More on Taylor, Purke and Solis from Baseball Prospectus

Jason Parks, the national prospect/player development writer for Baseball Prospectus, also had information on some other Nationals prospects who could possibly be close to the top 101 prospects in baseball.

He had good things to say about center fielder Michael Taylor who is likely going to start for Double-A Harrisburg this April.

“I have always been kind of a fan of Taylor’s, just because of the tool profile,” Parks said. “Michael Taylor was certainly a guy that (we) batted around a little bit (for inclusion in the top 101) just because of the athleticism, because of the potential on an overall level.”

When left-handers Matt Purke and Sammy Solis, who are also on the 40-man roster, were mentioned, Parks said injuries have definitely slowed their development, but they do have possibilities for big seasons.

“(Discussing the Nationals pitching selections,) Purke was another one of those guys,” Parks said. “Purke was another injury guy that coming out of high school the Rangers tried to give this guy $6 million, that was the asking price they got close to. That is an incredible talent that many people saw as the best left-hander in the high school class that year.

“He is not the same pitcher since the shoulder injury, but he has started to learn how to pitch a lot better. He can still move the ball around a lot. He wasn’t in the conversation for the top 101 (prospects), but he is definitely a top 10 player in that system.

“Solis is another one of those guys hit by the injury bug. It is not like they target these guys physically, but they have had a lot of bad luck. I still think that he is a guy that is going to be able to get close to the ceiling, although not quite the level of player they thought they were going to get initially.”

It will be interesting to watch how Purke and Solis pitch this season, another full season removed from major injuries. Similar to Lucas Giolito, 2014 marks a season where these hurlers can get stretched out and log heavy innings to test their staying power.

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