Werth and Ramos on 5-2 win over the Mets

The Nationals returned home with a 5-2 victory over the New York Mets, thanks to timely hits by Jayson Werth, Scott Hairston and Tyler Moore. Wilson Ramos also had a big RBI sac fly and scored a run in support of winning pitcher Tanner Roark.

Werth went 2-for-4 with a first inning run-scoring single. But his catch at the right field wall to prevent a three-run shot by Daniel Murphy, that would have tied the contest in the ninth inning, turned into a game-changing moment.

“When it was hit, I figured it was right where it was at,” Werth said. “I think the rain might have knocked it down a bit, give me a better chance at it. It was close. I know he hit it good. (Anthony) Recker hit that ball good to start the inning, too. I think the mist might have helped us out a bit.”

“That was a good catch by Jayson,” said catcher Wilson Ramos. “I didn’t want to go to extra innings. That was a good play.”

Werth appeared calm as he tracked the ball hit by Murphy that could have tied the game. He reached up and made the catch at the wall in front of the Nationals bullpen.

“We worked on it a little bit in spring training,” Werth said. “It is one of those things. I don’t know if you even learn it or if you practice it or if you are born with it. I’m not sure.”

So how did it feel after he made a game-saving catch at the wall?

“I probably should have untucked my shirt, but I didn’t,” Werth smiled.

Werth said starter Tanner Roark kept the game moving, and players appreciate that. Roark allowed just two runs in five innings for the win, improving to 3-1.

“We still got the win that is the most important thing,” Werth said. “We are battling. We are playing good ball. Tanner pitched another great game tonight again. You feel good when he is on the mound. He works quick, throws strike. There is a lot to be said about that. He keeps the defense in the game. Sometimes, when you do that, it gets the offense going, too. I like the way he pitches.”

Ramos said Roark did a nice job of hitting his spots.

“He throwing good, sinker working good,” Ramos said. ‘His command was good. Inside corner, he was commanding that pitch pretty well. He come in like that , (and) you have an opportunity to work that part of the plate. With the pitches we throw inside, and you can command that corner, you can do a lot of things.”

The Nationals were able to grab an early 5-0 lead over the Mets in the third inning. It was one of the rare times the Nationals scored first in a season where they have had to come back in games to earn wins.

“When made some runs at the beginning of the game, the starting pitchers is getting more confident,” Ramos said. “We have more opportunities to mix it up better when we score runs early in the game. Everybody feel better at the plate. That is what we need. We need to see everyone comfortable at the plate and play better baseball.”

Ramos had a good night at the plate and called a good game for Roark, but everyone wanted to ask him about the fan that ran on the field in the ninth inning. The fan was bodyslammed by a security guard close to home plate.

“That was a funny moment,” Ramos said. “That was the hard part behind home plate when the security pushed that guy on the ground. Those guys drink too much.”

Ramos was pleased with the bobblehead in his likeness that was given away to fans prior to the game. He thought it looked like him a bit, too.

“Yeah, you see that?” he said. “That is good, same nose.”

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