Williams updates Zimmerman’s latest X-ray and LaRoche’s on field progress

Manager Matt Williams had another update on third baseman Ryan Zimmerman’s recovery from a right thumb fracture. Williams reported the latest X-ray showed the thumb was getting “better”.

“He is seeing the occupational therapist to get a splint that will allow him to start throwing a baseball a little bit,” Williams said. “It is not really throwing, but it puts his thumb in a position where he can start working his arm which is good, which he needs to do.

“I don’t know if he will be here prior to the game because they are doing the splint for him. It is not fully healed so they are cautious. But they are allowing him to do that and start getting his arm in shape a little bit.”

Williams said they are not disappointed in the progress in Zimmerman’s recovery, due in part because the thumb fracture was not a simple one.

“Everybody is different and everybody heals differently,” Williams said. “It was an interesting fracture. It wasn’t just a crack straight across. It was kind of like a ‘Y’. So there is multiple things that have to heal there. Of course, we would like it to go faster, so would he. But it is what it is. I don’t know how far away he would be from getting that splint off, but at least he has taken the next step. And that’s the ability to start the throwing motion anyway light. So, that is a good step.

“I think it is probably somewhere between typical and best case. It is four to six weeks to heal the bone. So we have to keep that in mind. What is it, week five? It is fairly typical. Given the nature of the fracture it is probably more typical than anything else.”

Zimmerman is not clear to hit yet.

“As we discussed, you get a ball off the end of the bat, vibration can actually fracture it again because it is not fully done,” Williams said. “But at least he is able to get that splint on and do some things. I think he is in great shape, though. He has been running around, he has been lifting, he has been able to do a lot of things, just not throwing yet, so that is a good step for him.”

Williams said they will wait another week and then take another X-ray.

First baseman Adam LaRoche (right quad strain) is progressing well and feels good according to Williams.

LaRoche continues his progression and will run today, “get on the base paths, turn the bases a little bit the next couple of days, full BP and then get in some games,” Williams said.

“Everything there looks really good. Looks like he is feeling really good about it,” Williams confirmed.

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