Espinosa widens stance at plate to help improve batting numbers

Second baseman Danny Espinosa has rebounded from a difficult month of May to have a positive month of June so far at the plate.

In May, Espinosa struggled to a .125 batting average (10-for-80) before hitting .303 (20-for-66) so far this month.

In April, he struck out only 20 times. In May, that ballooned to 37 whiffs. In June, he is back down to 25 with a handful of games to play.

In the just-completed four-game series against the Braves, Espinosa connected for five base hits and was able to get some quality bunts down for singles to get on base.

Following the Nationals’ 4-1 win over the Braves on Sunday, manager Matt Williams said Espinosa had been working to widen his stance at the plate, allowing him to see pitches better.

“Just simplifying,” Espinosa said. “Just continuing to do what started basically at the beginning of this month with (hitting coach) Rick Schu and just working on it diligently everyday and trying to stay with that plan.”

Espinosa said he has not been shy to go for bunt singles to get on base and try to create offense without looking to swing for the fences.

“Yeah, if it is there and I can take advantage of it to get an inning going or something and get on base where we can score a run,” Espinosa said. “If I can steal a base or something like that. Bunt hits is like hitting a single. If I can take advantage of it, then I’ll continue to do it.”

Espinosa said widening his stance has actually calmed down his swing and improved his rhythm at the plate.

“Yeah, it helps simplify so there is not as much movement,” Espinosa said. “It’s still something I am working on and trying to settle into. But it feels good.”

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