Williams updates on Zimmerman, McLouth, Schierholtz and win streak

During pregame Friday, Nationals manager Matt Williams provided an update on Ryan Zimmerman’s every-other-day throwing session. Friday Zimmerman successfully finished his second throwing session of the week. Zimmerman is on the disabled list with a right hamstring strain.

zimmerman red throwing sidebar.jpg“He came out good,” Williams said. “He’s continuing his rehab. No issues with that. So we’ll ramp him up there within that throwing program, strengthening and all that stuff. So he should be good. He’s on his way.”

Will the throwing sessions continue every other day?

“Yeah, depending on tolerance for soreness or anything like that,” Williams said. “That’s kind of the plan. We’ll see how he responds to everything as he ramps up we got to be mindful of his shoulder too. But he’ll continue.”

Outfielder Nate McLouth came out of his surgery Thursday for a torn labrum with no complications. McLouth had been bothered for most of the season with the right shoulder injury, which was exacerbated on a play in Miami in late July.

“He came out OK, he’s going to be in today,” Williams said. “Just to check the wound and make sure everything’s OK. Get him up and moving around. Everything went fine. It’s all put back together. Now he’s in the healing process.”

Recently acquired outfielder Nate Schierholtz has gotten off to a good start for Triple-A Syracuse. Schierholtz has gone 3-for-10 with a homer and four RBIs in two games for the Chiefs.

“Good. He hit a homer,” Williams said of reports on Schierholtz. “He’s getting his timing back. He hadn’t played in some time (since Aug. 5). He played right, he DHed, he played center. He’s getting some at-bats and working his way back to feeling good at the plate. He needs those at-bats because he hasn’t played in awhile. It’d be like anybody else coming back from injury, they need to have at-bats. So he’s getting those. He’s playing every day. We’ll get a chance to evaluate here pretty soon where he is, how he feels, and what possibilities may be there.”

When does Williams plan to activate Schierholtz?

“We can also wait. He’s got experience,” Williams said. “He’s had success. He hits from the left side (and) with (Nate) McLouth going down there’s a need for (that). But when that it is, we don’t know. We want him ready, when he is ready and be able to be up here and be productive. We don’t want to rush him in that regard. There is no need to do that at this point. We want to make sure his timing is good and he’s ready to play when he gets here.”

September roster expansion is less than two weeks away. Williams said the Nats haven’t decided quite yet which players will get he call for the final month and those moves have nothing to do with their first-place standing.

“We’ve had internal discussion about it,” Williams confirmed. “First-place standing doesn’t mean anything. We want to make sure that we have the players here that can help us win games in every form and fashion. Regardless of where you’re at in the standings doesn’t matter. You still want to win those games. No final decisions on anything yet.

“The guys in Triple-A have a chance to be in the playoffs and play beyond, so we’ll see how it all shakes out, but it doesn’t matter standings-wise where we are at. We want to win. So if they can help us in that regard, then that’s great.”

MASN’s Dan Kolko jokingly asked Williams if the Nats will end the season on a 46-game winning streak.

“I’m not saying that we’re not, but it’s unlikely,” Williams said as reporters chuckled. “It’s unlikely that that will happen. But as you know, you never know.”

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