19-year-old Robles has “come along really well” in first season with Hagerstown

MIAMI - Low Single-A Hagerstown centerfielder Victor Robles continues to build games and gain experience as he finishes up his second month of the season with the Suns.

The 19-year-old Dominican displayed athleticism and high baseball IQ at early camp and has continued to progress in pro ball.

In 38 games this season, Robles is slashing .343/.429/.529 with five doubles, three triples, five homers and 21 RBIs. He has tallied 33 runs, 12 stolen bases, 10 walks and has struck out only 20 times in 140 at-bats.

Nationals director of player development Mark Scialabba got to see the talented prospect in person for three games last week.

“He’s come along really well and has had a great start to the season,” Scialabba said. “Plays the game obviously with a lot of energy and passion. He continues to learn the game in all phases. He’s learning how to harness his aggressive energy. He runs the bases the proper way. He’s harnessing his energy in center field with efficient routes. We’re just excited about his overall game right now.”

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Scialabba says Robles defies his age with his baseball ability at times, but he knows the youngster still has room to grow and learn the game.

“He just turned 19 years old this week,” Scialabba said. “There are certain parts of his game are very advanced for his age. His patience at the plate, his ability to identify pitches and track them is outstanding. That patience continues to evolve as he matures.”

Robles has 12 stolen bases out of 18 attempts this season. He is also working on making sure he goes to the ball well in the outfield. The running game is always a focus with their prospects on offense and defense as they add games.

“His overall aggressive attitude is evident when he runs the bases,” Scialabba said. “He’s learning how to use that in an efficient manner, to understand when to go for that extra base or when you’re in the outfield, how to take an efficient route instead of just running as hard as you can to a ball out of control.

“These are all common things for a young player. He’s taken to it all very well, he’s got a very good aptitude. He has a very high baseball IQ that allows him to make adjustments.

Robles already has 58 stolen bases in 146 minor league games, having been caught only 20 times.

“He is a plus runner,” Scialabba said. “He covers a lot of ground in the outfield and gets good jumps. He can bunt for a hit. He gets down the line very well. He goes first to third on hits to the outfield. He’s certainly a base stealer and he’s continuing to learn how to read pitchers. He gets good jumps. That will be a real good weapon for him as well.”

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