With Strasburg out for 2011, Nats will look to sign ace for rotation

With the end of the season fast approaching, Rizzo's attention will soon turn to the Hot Stove League - negotiating with free agents and making trades to improve the Nationals for the 2011 season. In the meantime, Rizzo sat down with MASNSports.com Nationals beat writer Ben Goessling to discuss some of the pressing issues the team will deal with in the offseason: the need ... read more

Wiping away the whipped cream to gauge the outlook in NatsTown

This week, Nats GM Rizzo took some time to answer a few fan questions about the rest of this season, the team's minor league plans for the future and the whipped cream pie that blindsided him after the Nationals signed No. 1 overall pick Bryce Harper. Natsfan1a: Was the pie whipped cream or shaving cream? Mike Rizzo: It was whipped cream, and it was ... read more

Deals for Dunn and Harper?

The trade deadline came and went in Washington for Nats slugger Adam Dunn, and Mike Rizzo talked once again with MASNsports.com Nats Beat Writer Ben Goessling about what he sees as the next steps with Dunn. Then, looking to the next important date on the MLB calendar, Rizzo talks briefly about the upcoming deadline to sign No. 1 overall pick Bryce Harper. Ben Goessling: ... read more

Looking back on a busy July

The Nationals were one of baseball's most active teams leading up to the July 31 trade deadline, acquiring two players from the Minnesota Twins for closer Matt Capps and two more from the Texas Rangers for infielder Cristian Guzman, as well as fielding numerous offers for first baseman Adam Dunn and left fielder Josh Willingham. Rizzo caught up with MASNSports.com Nationals beat writer Ben ... read more

Updating the status of manager Jim Riggleman

There was a rumor that Nationals manager Jim Riggleman had been extended a contract for the 2011 season. Mike Rizzo met with the media to clear the situation up. Riggleman is a respected manager and has done a good job with the Nationals this season. Mike talks about Jim deserving to be the manager next season, but nothing has been officially announced. ... read more

Diving deeper into international scouting

The international signing period opened on July 2, and since Mike Rizzo assumed general manager duties in March 2009, he's been tasked with improving the Nationals' image in Latin America and building a better international scouting presence. Rizzo recently sat down with MASNSports.com Nationals beat writer Ben Goessling to discuss the team's international efforts this year: Ben Goessling: You guys have signed a number ... read more

Nats fans chat with the GM

Welcome to this week's edition of National Matters with Nationals GM Mike Rizzo. This week, Rizzo took a few of your questions and weighed in with his thoughts on the international free agent signing period, Ian Desmond, Matt Capps and the team's biggest needs for 2011. Read on to see the GM's answers: Wally: Mike, With the international free agent signing period opening on ... read more

Behind the scenes of Strasburg's development with the GM

Last Tuesday, Nationals rookie Stephen Strasburg made one of the most dynamic pitching debuts in major league history, striking out 14 batters in front of a sellout crowd and more than 200 media members in a 5-2 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates. The start was the culmination of Rizzo's meticulous pitching plan for Strasburg, developed a month before the Nationals even took the right-hander ... read more