So far, real good

As we gaze out on a rainy evening at Nationals Park, we’re pretty sure the Nats and Astros will play tonight, and it should be a very tough evening to hit against Jordan Zimmermann. Pitchers don’t mind a little cold and wet weather early in the season, especially this spring when it’s been so unseasonably warm, even in our visits to Chicago and New York. ... read more

Pitchers and catchers - and “The Kid”

With spring training upon us, complete with the anticipation of a new season, it’s a time to look ahead to what should be an exciting 2012 season, and to look back at a great character from our organization’s past, even though he never wore the Nationals uniform. More on Gary Carter in a moment. If pitching is the basis for great teams, the foundation of ... read more

Taking stock with 30 games to go

The Nationals enjoyed a welcome day off in Atlanta today on the heels of a tough weekend series sweep in Cincinnati at the hands of the Reds. All three games were winnable, but hitting with runners in scoring position just wasn’t there and some good pitching from Chien-Ming Wang, Ross Detwiler and Jordan Zimmermann was wasted. The bullpen struggled Friday night but was very good ... read more

If you would have told me in spring training that ...

If you would have told me in spring training that ... * the Nationals would be 46-46 at the All-Star break, I would have taken that in an I-395 minute. * the pitching staff would have the sixth-best ERA in the National League, I would have been ecstatic. * the defense would be seventh-best in the NL, I would have bought stock in Rawlings. * ... read more

Nats good, not great, as interleague wraps up

Last year, the Nationals went 5-13 in interleague play. This year, they improved to 8-7, and it could have been much better had they been able to avert the three-game sweep at the wings of the Angels. This year’s version featured a split of six games with the Orioles, a sweep of the Mariners at home and series win over the White Sox in Chicago. ... read more

Offense comes and goes

When the Nationals stepped off their charter plane Sunday night here in San Francisco, the temperature drop was around 40 degrees from Phoenix to the Bay Area. When they step on the field at AT&T Park Monday night, there will be no telling what the drop, or the leap, will be in hits and runs. These 2011 Nats are easily the most inconsistent offensive team ... read more

Are we there yet?

As we head north on the train out of Union Station on a Tuesday afternoon, it seems like we just unpacked our bags from a 10-day trip to Philadelphia, Florida and Atlanta. Now, after a short 2-2 homestand that featured plenty of action with the Marlins and Pirates, it’s on to New York, Baltimore and Milwaukee. In those four games, the solid Nationals defense made ... read more

April showers bring ... ?

It’s May 2, and the Nationals have beaten the Giants for the second time in three games to get the month off to a good start. May will not be an easy month, starting with the world champion San Francisco ball club and continuing with a grueling NL East road trip to Philadelphia, Florida and Atlanta. After a short five-game home stand, the Nats hit ... read more