Edwin Jackson's explanation for his longevity: "Everyone always needs pitching"

As pitcher Edwin Jackson prepared to settle in to the Orioles clubhouse, a reporter asked him about the role with his the team. The role doesn't matter. "I've done a little bit of everything,'' Jackson says. Talk about an understatement. The Orioles are Jackson's fourth American League team and 12th big league team, one short of the record held by pitcher Octavio Dotel. The two ... read more

Will MLB be able to rid game of beanball incidents?

First, it was the beanball war between the Red Sox and Orioles, starring Manny Machado. Now it's the Nationals and Giants recovering from a good old-fashioned baseball brawl in San Francisco on Monday. Here's the question: Is there anything Major League Baseball can do to put an end to beanballs before some one gets seriously hurt with a 95 mph heater to the face? Giants ... read more

Answering baseball's pressing questions with Memorial Day looming

As Memorial Day arrives, the American League East is loaded with offense. A five-team race is possible, assuming Toronto makes a comeback. The National League East is the opposite. The Nationals have the best offense, a leaky bullpen and the only winning record in the division. Here are answers to the most burning questions after baseball's first two months: Q: What should the Orioles do ... read more

Looking at closer issues around baseball

The Nationals lead the National League East despite a bullpen that brings daily turbulence. This week at Nationals Park they will see first-hand that they aren't the only team with late-inning issues. The Nationals' bullpen ERA (5.40) is 29th in baseball. Seattle's bullpen has the highest ERA in the majors at 5.44, while San Diego is 27th at 5.04. The Mariners and Padres play in ... read more

Picking of the pace of the game is easier said than done

Commissioner Rob Manfred is determined to pick up the pace of the game, apparently to keep the interest of the younger generation. It is a good idea to be progressive, as long as Manfred doesn't get extreme. Games are slower. This season, the average time of game is 3 hours, 5 minutes, five minutes longer than last season. In 2015, Manfred's first year as commissioner, ... read more

Wieters hopes to carry over legacy from Baltimore to Washington

When catcher Matt Wieters came up to the Orioles at 23 in 2009, his plan was to win a World Series and be an Oriole for life. Then in 2014, when Nick Markakis signed with Atlanta and Nelson Cruz went to Seattle, the reality of baseball as a business hit Wieters for the first time. He wondered about his future. "When Nick and Nelson left, ... read more

First month of 2017 season has given us plenty of questions

April is in the books. Now, it's time to ask questions about what the first month means. Here are answers the most frequently-asked questions: Question: The Nationals' Ryan Zimmerman is blazing. Does he have a chance to win the National League Triple Crown? Answer: It's a long season, but if Zimmerman keeps hitting as he as done the first month - .420-11-29 - then he'll ... read more

Eaton-Turner combo gives Nationals unparalleled speed

On the highway, speed kills. In baseball, speed brings life. The Nationals got a glimpse of that before Trea Turner went on the disabled list with a strained hamstring. Turner's expected to return this week, and when he does, he and Adam Eaton will be the fuel that makes the Nationals' lineup almost impossible to defend. Whether it is Turner-Eaton or Eaton-Turner at the top ... read more