Looking back at the great career of late Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn

Back on Aug. 5, 1999, after the Cardinals' Mark McGwire hit his 500th career home run, reporters gathered around Tony Gwynn's locker in the San Diego Padres clubhouse in Busch Stadium. They wondered how Gwynn was feeling after coming up a hit short of 3,000 for his career. That night, as 45,106 fans watched, Gwynn and McGwire had a chance to become the first players ... read more

Celebrating 60: Powell was big part of Orioles' dominance in 1960s, 1970s

Memorial Stadium, the horseshoe-shaped ballpark on 33rd Street, is gone, but a plaque at the site marking home plate keeps memories alive. One day, Boog Powell stood at the plaque and went back in time. "Jim Palmer and I went over there and stood at home plate,'' Powell says. "We were standing in the middle of nowhere and put myself right back to the old ... read more

Tarasco says line drives will be Zimmerman's biggest adjustment in left

As third baseman Ryan Zimmerman's move to left field becomes the big story at Nationals Park, the team's outfield coach, Tony Tarasco, says the toughest outfield to play in the National League are in San Francisco and Chicago's Wrigley Field. "Both cities are windy, and that's what makes their the ballpark outfields so tough to play,'' Tarasco says. After the Phillies' series in D.C., Zimmerman, ... read more

Answering the most-asked questions

Two months into the season, here are answers to your most-often asked questions for your Memorial Day weekend reading: Q: Are the Blue Jays for real in the American League East? A: Yes, especially in a division where every team has flaws for the first time in who knows how many years? There is no question the Blue Jays have enough hitting. They lead the ... read more

Celebrating 60: Hall of Famer Herzog recalls steamed crabs, birth of son in Baltimore

Whitey Herzog is a Hall of Famer because of his managing career with the St. Louis Cardinals, but the former major leaguer known as "The White Rat" had a Baltimore connection to his career. Herzog, who managed the Cardinals to two National League pennants and the 1982 World Series title, was a left-handed-hitting outfielder who couldn't hit a curveball. Herzog played eight big league seasons, ... read more

Celebrating 60: Hansen balanced military life, playing at Memorial Stadium

Shortstop Ron Hansen hit 22 home runs for the Orioles' first winning team in 1960, but if they had gone to the World Series, he wasn't sure that he could have played. That's because his military job begin a few days after the season ended. "I guess I would have missed the World Series," Hansen says. "I didn't think much it (during the season's final ... read more

Early impressions on expanded replay

The first impressions of expanded replay are that it will be overall inconsequential. In most cases, a manager's challenge will either be denied by the replay command center in New York or will have little outcome on the game. But there are exceptions. Nobody knows better than Giants manager Bruce Bochy, who in one game used his challenge early only to see a blown call ... read more

Celebrating 60: Oates' pitch led Sutcliffe to mound for Camden Yards opener

As a free agent following the 1991 season, pitcher Rick Sutcliffe had no intention of playing in the American League in 1992. He figured he'd sign with St. Louis so he could be close to home and stay in the more familiar National League. Johnny Oates, the Orioles' manager at the time, had other ideas. He brought Sutcliffe to Camden Yards on a cold December ... read more